Wednesday, November 26, 2014


It is Thanksgiving 2014! Oh boy, where has the time gone?

Just the other day I was a senior in high school visiting colleges . . .

No. Wait. . . That is my ‘baby’ brother Kevin. How is he 17 now? That’s crazy. Life flies by, but you have to capture the moments, little and big, or you will miss it. And if you miss it, what is the point?

Thanksgiving is the perfect time (when isn’t it the perfect time? I guess that is a muse for another day) to reflect on things big and small.

When I was in school, so many years ago, we were always asked to reflect on what we were ‘thankful for’, we would write out our one line or one thing, sometimes draw a picture, sometimes write an essay, but is that enough.

Maybe it’s the season, or the fact that my commute is extremely quiet on the Metra, or the fact that as I prepare to a father (only a few more weeks until we meet our little man), I have spent quite some time musing to myself on things that I am thankful for this year.

My Family:

Now as I mentioned above, my family is growing in the very beginning of January. James Michael Grady III is expected to arrive on January 8, 2015, though I suspect he is going to be a little early. With my loving wife’s encouragement and our great restraint (even though she is much better at pinching pennies than I am), we moved into our first house, just weeks ago. My heart is so full of love for the two most important people in my life, but I have to be thankful that we have such a wonderful, supporting family that goes beyond our walls.

It takes a Village:

While we have always been close to our parents (moms especially), something triggered in all of us when we found out we were expecting. Our already loving and supporting family has been there at every turn to give advice, guidance and a much needed hand (especially in moving. Thank you John!).  I know these relationships will be growing even stronger as Baby G or Jimmy III or Trey (lolz, Kevin) or James or whatever you call him, comes into our lives.

It has also been a banner year for my brothers. The Grady boys have done well for themselves this year. Despite our crazy age range, all three of us have had some wonderful adventures over the last 12 months and are each preparing/ just getting started for a new stage of life. Oh, we also built and ran this little Podcast earlier this year. My hope is that we are able to pick it back up soon.

The Village gets bigger:

Now our extended families are quite large, each with their unique casts of characters. Earlier this year our Friend Family and Family Family merged as our good friend, Czarina (aka Capt’n Z) married Ashley’s cousin, Don. As I sat on the train this morning, I thought it was amazing that members of my wife’s family comment and ‘like’ things our friends post on social media because of the extended relationships we all have. It is amazing.


The last year has seen a number of friends and family members passing. Each of these people has touched our lives in one way or another. I know they are looking down on us from heaven, celebrating our blessings and fighting in our corners. And we are blessed for having had these people in our lives.

Thanks for reading and I wish you a wonderful and safe holiday.