Saturday, November 5, 2011

I Want Candy . . .

Halloween came and went this week and we all know what this means, everyone (yes even adults) have an abundance of yummy candy goodness. Given the nature of this blog, my over weight/ over eating problem and my general fondness of carbs, it should come to no surprise that I love candy!

Now this love affair is not restricted to one type or genre of candy, I am an equal opportunity candy lover. You name it, I love it: chocolate, caramel, savory, sweet, sour, chewy, gummy, fruity, nutty, and the other descriptors. While my favorite candy is the Almond Joy (a perfect combination of chocolate, fruity, nutty, crunchy, and chewy), I enjoy gummy candy most of all.

It all began as a child when my favorite candy treat were Sunkist fruit gems. I am sure my mom thought, 'hmmm, these are made by Sunkist, they sell real Oranges, this should be okay. . .' In three (3) fruit gems (a little bigger than a U.S. quarter) there are 110 calories and 26 g of carbs (all from sugar). To recap from previous posts, 9 fruit gems would take me over all of the carbs I can have on my current diet. CRAZY.
 Sunkist Gems Nutrition facts

This love of chewy candy led me to try Starburst, Swedish Fish and of course, Sour Patch Kids amongst many others. Never stopping to think, 'This chewy candy is 100% sugar and I shouldn't eat this entire packet of Starburst,' I didn't start looking up nutrition facts of food heavily until I started this diet.

Finding nutrition facts is fairly easy, sometimes fun, and information is available of practically everything. If you type 'NAME of FOOD nutrition facts' into your favorite search engine, many web pages will pop up with results. Its good to check a few to ensure there are no discrepancies.

While I think I will always love candy, I have won the battle this Halloween. Incorporating a 'fun size' piece of candy (Almond Joy of course) as one of my carbs a few times this week, but successfully avoiding the evils of chewy candy (though I will always love these)! If I can make it though Christmas with out caving in, I think I will be okay!

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