Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Benefits of Coffee

If you know me, you will know that I LOVE coffee. I drink tons of coffee. Good news for me and other coffee drinkers out there- coffee has very few calories.

According to this Nutrition Facts site an 8 ounce cup of black coffee (not espresso or decaf) is 2 calories. This means that a 16 ounce coffee (Medium at Dunkin Donuts or McDonalds and a Grande at Starbucks) is only 4 calories. Now, I have seen this fluctuate depending on the type/ brand of coffee, but never have I seen a 16 ounce cup of black coffee over 15 calories.

The issue with coffee is what you add to it. A tablespoon of half and half is 20 calories, the same amount of skim milk is about 5 calories.

I try to add skim milk, sometimes adding half and half instead, but not always.

Also, this week a friend passed on this article about coffee and its health benefits. I thought I would share:

Article on Health Benefits of Coffee

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