Saturday, January 14, 2012

A milestone . . .

I have been a big guy my entire life. Growing up overweight was tough, and it seems to be tough on all large people growing up. Maybe you just ate too much, or were depressed, or were picked on, or were bad at sports, or had a lousy dating life because of it . . . whatever the reason or the outcome, being fat sucks. I have been fat my entire life.

Today I have reached one milestone, I had once thought long impossible- while fully dressed, the scale read under 200 lbs. I am looking to the day where I will weigh 175 LBS and I may even change my goal, given the excellent success that I have had thus far and reach for an even lower end weight, but that will come in time.

If I keep up my routine and lose as much weight as I have been in the last several weeks, over the next two weeks, I will hit yet another milestone- having a BMI under 30. As you may recall from my post on body mass index, found here, the NIH and the World Health Organization use a simple calculation based on weight and height to determine if you are obese.
To see your BMI, you can use this handy NIH Calculator. Having a BMI under 30 means that I will no longer be considered obese.

On a side note, I really hate the word obese.

For more information about the World Health Organization's (WHO) definitions of obese and overweight, you can visit their website here.


  1. Congrats Jim! I'm proud of you!
    I hate the word obese too by the way. For someone as short as me, the weight I'm supposed to be at max is about 25 lbs less than the weight I actually am. Because of these stinking 25 lbs, I am considered obese, and I think its the stupidest thing ever.

  2. Anna,

    I agree. The term obese sends visions of people unable to get out of bed or walk around the block without stopping. While I believe there is hope for all, maybe the BMI rating for 'obese' should be 35 or higher.

    Also, if you are interested - I am happy to walk you though what Ashley and I have done to lose weight. She is down about 10LBS and me about 30!