Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Starting Back Up

Yesterday I went back to the gym for the first time in ten days after pulling a muscle in my leg. Not wanting to hurt my leg again, I took things very slowly, I spent 45 minutes at a slower than normal pace on the treadmill at hardly any incline, 25 minutes on the stationary bike and 15 minutes on the elliptical, before taking an extra mile walk outside. Overall, I burned about 500 calories, which is much lower than I have been used to burning.

Taking a full week and then some off of the gym taught me a few things.
  • When taking time off of a diet and exercise routine, it is very difficult to get motivated again
  • When exercising through an injury, it is important to watch for signs of pain
  • Even one week off of the gym, kills your endurance and energy
    • As my routine grew over the first 10 weeks, I was able to get more energy after exercising and I didn't feel tired and sore the next day
    • After one day of starting back up, I am very tired and a little sore.
    • I have to push through the next two weeks of exercise to build up this endurance
I have just under 24 LBS to lose to hit my goal. With 30 LBS gone, I have become complacent and unmotivated to push myself. Being around 200 LBS is an achievement for me, but it isn't good enough.

I am going to go to the gym as much as possible over the next two weeks. My hope is that my leg fully recovers over the next few weeks and that I continue to lose weight. Once my leg is at 100%, I will re-evaluate where I am and how I can best reach my goal by May 1st


  1. When I hurt my ankle last year, it was really hard to get back on track, but I did it! You are tough! you can do it! You have done great so far, dont give up!

  2. Thanks Mrs. Pratt!
    I started last week by using a pain ointment and heated muscle ointment before and after the workouts to start out and get back in the swing of things. Thanks so much for the support!