Saturday, February 11, 2012

Not Good Enough . . .

Ever since I dropped below 200 LBS, my weight hasn't dropped as quickly or as easily. I am completely to blame for this, which is not a fun thought at all.

I haven't gone to the gym as much (usually 3 times a week in stead of the typical 5) and I have eased on the diet much more than I should have.

To motivate me more, I have decided to do take the following steps:
  1. My new goal is 165 LBS. This is ten pounds more than my original goal (175 LBS)
    1. By March 31st, my goal is 180 LBS
    2. By April 30th, my goal is 175 LBS
    3. By May 31st, my goal is 170 LBS
    4. By June 30th, my goal is 165 LBS
  2. Until I reach 175 LBS, I am going to abstain from going to Starbucks. 
    1. While I typically will get regular coffee, I have ordered lattes with more frequency than I would like to admit. 
    2. I am not saying that I won't run to McDonalds for an occasional coffee at lunch, but no more Starbucks.
  3. No alcohol until I reach 175 LBS. I have gone out with friends a number of times and alcohol is usually involved. Alcohol and mixers are extra calories that I really should not be consuming.
  4. I am going to run/walk in at least TWO 5 Ks before the wedding. This will help me train more and keep me motivated.
  5. I am going to try to blog at least twice a week to keep me honest and on track for the diet.
Not looking forward to tomorrow's weigh in. Wish me luck!

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