Sunday, February 26, 2012

Week 19 Results

It doesn't feel like I have been at this for 19 Weeks, but it has been a struggle to get this weight off.

After taking a week off from blogging, I am finally below where I was before my travels and diet cheating ways . .  188.4.

Let's hope this weight continues to come off and for the 1st time in 4 months, I have NOT hit my monthly target. To be honest, its extremely disappointing, but I have lost over 40 pounds from where I was almost a year ago and well over 30 from when I started this crazy diet experiment.

Thank you for keeping up with me and keeping me honest. To another 19 weeks and hopefully 30 pounds!

Have a great couple days! Let's hope George Clooney walks away with Oscar Gold tonight.


  1. Wow! Definitely focus on the positives. You have lost over 30 pounds!! That's AMAZING! You're such an inspiration with how hard you've been working at this. :)

  2. Jim you are doing great! #inspiring